Monday, January 26, 2009

She Makes! She Makes!

This is the future sister-site of the much beloved, and I'm sure soon to be critically acclaimed blog, SheBlogs SheBlogs.

I'm claiming this URL now, before dozen of other spin off blogs, which are no doubt inevitable considering SheBlogs SheBlogs staggering circulation, snatch it up from under me.

I, author of SheBlogs SheBlogs, Alison Faulkner, will soon be posting all of the things I make, attempt to make, and would like to make on this, what I'm sure will be, really awesome blog.

Please do not get too excited just yet. I'm saving up until I can afford to post more, but I promise content will be here for your enjoyment soon. While you wait please read my personal blog, SheBlogs SheBlogs, where I try to help you feel the love I have for you and the world. Because we all know we all could use, at the very least, a virtual hug.

With Love,

Alison Faulkner


  1. Since when do people start blogs with out even informing their prettiest sisters? It is sad that this day has come!

  2. and their prettiest sad.

  3. put that kimono on here!!!