Thursday, June 11, 2009

She makes cherry pie.

Alright! This post is old, I made this for Eric's birthday on June 9th, but here's my first attempt at cherry pie! I used white cherries from our local Produce Junction, and decided to go with the lattice top using this great tutorial. All in all, even though it wasn't 100% picture perfect, it was a really tasty pie.

Unfortunately I had a minor cutting accident, and didn't have any band aids, but like any good housewife I was resourceful and persevered.

So, in honor of my first cherry pie I will share with you a poem I wrote in my 10th grade health class. For some reason our health teacher, Mr. Hanover, liked us to write journal entries before he started telling us about the dangers of genital herpes. We were given the assignment to start a paragraph with the statement, "I often sit and wish that I..."

Being the ever flowery dork that I am I wrote a poem. I thought it was so great that when my teacher asked for volunteers to read their response I raised my hand and read the following:

I often sit and wish that I
Could be a piece of Cherry Pie.
With crust so crumbly and cherries red,
You would eat me, and I'd be dead.

Now, the reason I remember this poem so clearly is because of what my health teacher said in response to it. Mr Hanover was the leader of the Christian Athlete Club and made it known that he supported abstinence. After hearing my poem he started rolling on the floor laughing, he wasn't very old, maybe 25, and then he said, "Alison, I have so much more respect for you now!"

After 10 years I have come to see just how immature and stupid this response was. Mind you, he was a very nice man, but seriously, his associations were pretty far-fetched, and he made me, a sweet little 15-year-old feel like a moron in front of a class of high school peers.

OBVIOUSLY I'm over it. So let us move on from the subject of popping to pitting...In order to pit all those cherries I went out and bought myself a cherry pitter. It looks like this:

I wasn't thrilled with its aesthetic but it was the only one at the store. (Eric said "No one will ever see it!" I responded, "THAT'S NOT THE POINT!") But I was excited to have the nifty tool nonetheless...until I saw this on a blog I like called Angry Chicken. It's called the Cherry Chomper!

So if you're wondering what I want for the fourth of July, my birthday or Christmas, here's a link.

I adapted this cherry pie recipe and added lemon zest and some strawberries and raspberries at the last minute because I don't think I had enough cherries. I promise to post better pictures and stop using my here's one last one of the birthday boy enjoying his pie while his brother tries to usurp the photo.

I was always a cake girl, but I dare say these days...pie is taking the cake. I seriously suggest you get yourself that adorable Cherry Chomper and get a pie in the oven stat.



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  1. Wow, why do we not hang out? I bake all the time