Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Arin and Evan or Gocco Heaven

I was so honored to be able to help Arin and Evan design their invitations for their wedding. I was even happier that Arin was totally on board with using my little Gocco printing press to make them.

The Riso Print Gocco is such an amazing little machine. If you're not familiar with it, it's like a little mini screen-printer of sorts. But of course, like all amazing things, they, meaning RISO, have decided to stop making the supplies for it. So it will become a dying art. But I'm hoping that, like Fuji did for Polaroid film, another company will swoop in and provide either a similar product or supplies that work with Gocco.

You have to press each color on different screens. So because their invites were two-color, we hand printed each invite twice. It's not TOO much work, but luckily the loving couple (and their AMAZING dog Costello) came over to help print their own invites. Here's some pix of the printing party.

They were a little timid to get started...

But soon started whipping out prints like masters.

I must say these drying racks were a GREAT purchase.

After we got all the flowers on, we pressed on the type in a rich chocolate brown that we mixed.

Here's Costello with the finished suite. Arin found the half-moon enclosures at Paper Source and we made the bands out of paper she ordered from French Paper.

And here's the invite paired with the Save the Date that I printed on the Gocco a few months back. They sent them out as postcards.

Arin and Evan were the easiest couple to work with ever! Which means, obviously, they will have a fabulous marriage and happy life.

Why do I love weddings so much? Mah! I'm seriously getting very excited.

I love you all,




  1. I really want a Gocco! These turned out real pretty.

  2. We made our own invitations too but they definitely did NOT look like that!! Now I want a second wedding.

  3. When you said Evan--I though you meant your brother!!

  4. Me too...very confusing/scary

  5. looks beautiful! i love my gocco as well :)