Tuesday, August 11, 2009

She Makes Pony Pie

After making a lattice pie top, I occurred to me that you could probably do anything you wanted with your pie top and it would most likely turn out alright-looking, if not edible. So I decided to get crazy! Well, as crazy as you can get with pie. I figured that if I love pies, and I love ponies, the only thing that could be better is a Pony Pie!

I think I was right...the ponies seemed fond if it too. Here are some tender moments I captured on film. Please note, there are no actual ponies in Pony Pie, in this case, there are just apples. Look, I can prove it.

Notice the jealous looks from the colt in the corner.

I figured if I could make Pony Pie, then I could also make "Ashton Pie" for a friend who just gave birth to a new baby boy named Ashton. Instead of Ashton parts, I used cherries and blueberries. I think it turned out well, but I didn't get to taste it. I might have been a bit juicy. Any tips?

And the because there was still some fruit left over, and let's face it, I'm unemployed and have the time, I made a "Seagull Pie" in honor of my favorite wall hanging in my home. Again, I was fresh out of Seagulls so I instead used peaches, cherries and blueberries.

The mangled remains.

If I do say so myself, my apple pie is pretty amazing. However, this was my first time trying mixed fruit pies and I think they were a bit, the word I guess would be "runny." The great thing about pie though is even if it's not perfect it still taste SO GOOD, and looks good too. Which is nice for a perfectionist. I will not serve a mediocre cake or cookie, but a sub-par-pie is still divine.

I love making fruit pies. Every step of the process is beautiful. Pitting the juicy cherries and spilling their red blood, peeling bring green apples to reveal soft flesh...how do I make baking pies sound like a horror film? Oh well, I still love it. Peeling the fruit, slicing it up, crimping the edges of the crust. It really is a labor of love. I adore that it's not easy, that it takes the time that most people won't bother to spend. I guess pies are kind of like the marathon of desserts. And a marathon is exactly what it would take to burn of the calories we have consumed due to so many pies.

Anyway, if you have any pie combos you'd like to share, I'd love to hear them. In the meantime I will be perfecting many variations of my Pony Pie.




  1. I love your pony pie! It's so....YOU! xo

  2. alison, why is there only one other comment on this post about these heavenly pies?
    i'm baffled and bewildered at the lack of love.
    don't those crazy people who call themselves your fans realize that "she makes, she makes" is the new "she blogs, she blogs"?

  3. Ok, whoa. Are those toy horses on the sides of the pies really neccessary?

  4. silly nate, stop hanging out with your cynical friends! hang out with me.

  5. beautiful. love the pony pies! you have a cute blog :)