Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Peach Cake and the Farmer's Market

Sometimes you just don't feel like baking pie...right? But peaches have been SO good lately, and SO CHEAP, so I needed to find a recipe that used peaches, but didn't require two days worth of prep/bake time.

*I can't find a peach pie recipe I like, they are all too runny, any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

So I found a few recipes and combined them...to make the best peach cake ever!!!

Now, I made this twice, and the first time it was a bit mushy in the middle. It was still really really good, but nobody likes too much mush.

So the second time I made it, I covered the cakes with foil for the first twenty minutes, so it wouldn't brown too quickly, and then I baked it a little longer, probably about 30 more minutes, and it was perfect. I love perfection.

I used the first half of this Caramel Peach Upside-down Cake recipe, but instead of using their slighty odd cornmeal cake suggestion, I used this vanilla cake recipe. It makes two 8" rounds, and I served it with fresh whipped cream. The peaches get caramelized because you cover the bottoms of the pan with melted sugar. YEAH. So even though the caramel hardens by the time you place the peaches in the pan, when it's baking the caramel melts and covers the peaches and seeps down into the cake and makes it moist and amazing and SO GOOD.

You don't have to skin the peaches, which makes things a whole lot easier, and you actually don't need TOO many of them. It doesn't, however, keep very well. So plan on eating it within a couple of days. I was planning on layering it but it would just be too rich.

The second time I baked it I used these beautiful eggs from the farmer's market. It's so fun seeing the different colors eggs SHOULD be.

I also got these amazing cucumbers. You don't have to peel them to enjoy them (when you don't have a garbage disposal one must avoid peeling at all costs) and they have the most beautiful fluting on the edges! If only I could remember the name!

Anyway, I seriously suggest the Peach Cake. I'm so glad Fall is here because it means pumpkins and spice and everything nice!




  1. I just need to tell you that when you update this blog, the she makes she makes blog, I worry just a little. Let me tell you why I worry ... because ever since you updated that chocolate cake deliciousness you made your mother for her birthday - I have been thinking, well.... rather obsessing, about it. I showed my friend a few townhouses down the recipe, I always wonder when I will have a good opportunity to make it. The frosting sounded amazing, and just the entire thing. I can't get it out of my head.
    Mind you I didn't even care one way or the other about chocolate before I was pregnant - I mean it was yummy but I liked candy like twizzlers and rips. Now, I LOVE chocolate - can't get enough of it - and just knowing about that cake ... it makes me wish daily that I was making it. Not good for my new found love of the gym and goal to take off the baby weight!!!!!!

    ugh ... still thinking about that damn cake....

  2. I must say, I feel quite honored to be living next door to such a talented baker.

  3. of course you made that cake twice, you LOVE perfection. how many times did you apologize to eric for the first one? i wish i could say those were hot house cucumbers, but hot houses don't come already peeled i don't think.