Monday, September 21, 2009

She gets back to her jewelry-making roots.

When I was little I loved, LOVED making jewelry. I started a business with my friends and siblings called Triple ACE Hemp and Beads "ACE" stood for Alison, Alexis, Andrea, Courtni and Evan, my brother. Except Evan never really helped with the business and I think we eventually kicked him out. We would sell our jewelry at a farmer's market by our house. We never really sold that much, I mean, would you buy jewelry made by a 12-year-old kid? But occasionally some nice mom would take pity on us and we'd get SO EXCITED!

I haven't really gotten back to my jewelry roots in a while, but those big flower necklaces I've been seeing everywhere inspired me to get my mini pliers back out and have a go.

I made this one necklace with some scraps of fabric I had, some cheap pearls and my favorite, a big gold chain. I wore it for three days straight. It really did brighten up every outfit!

I'm working on perfecting my yo-yo's (the fabric flower) and experimenting with some different chains. And keep this on the down low, I even have some Pony beads stashed away somewhere!

Eric and I spent the weekend at a cabin in Midway with his cousins, and I ended up giving the necklace to one of his cute cousin's ADORABLE little girls. She looked better in it anyway.

But this has opened up a whole can of bead-loving worms for me and I have to stop myself from going and looking at beads everyday.

I wish I wasn't SO COOL!

OK, love and kisses



  1. oh i just love it! recently added your blog, it's right up my ally.

  2. thanks liz! your blog is awesome! i'm flattered.

  3. Alison- I'm just glad I was able to soak up some of your creativity this weekend in Midway... P.S. I'vd added your blog to mine. Now, when are you going to make some cupcakes?

  4. love the necklace. so glad you're back in utah. i need some sprinkles in my life!

  5. adorable aliison!! i love it, and i love that you gave it to that little girl.

  6. yes thank you for giving triple ACE hemp and beads a shout out. love the necklace!

  7. very chic. i always say the possibilities with yo-yo's (the fabric flower) are endless. oh and the red nail polish is awesome too. :)
    i've made cute Yo-yo's Zipper Pouch. Please take a look: