Tuesday, February 2, 2010

She wants to make this little treat!

The Purl Bee always has the cutest projects and the best taste. How adorable is this little heart-shaped zipper pouch. If my machine wasn't being such a poopy pants I'd be whipping one up tonight. But since it IS being a poopy pants, you might just have to make one for me...?

Eh? Eh?

You can find a very well illustrated tutorial for this heart-shaped zipper pouch here.


  1. Take your sewing machine to Dave's Bernina on Center street. My sewing machine is practically a relic and they got it to sing a working song in about 20 minutes for only $10. Love them.

  2. You should see the Purl shop in Soho. I had to buy zippers one time and I fell in love with that place