Wednesday, March 17, 2010

She's ready for a Hoppy Spring: Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Oh the weather has been so nice here! The tulips are starting to spurt and Easter is on it's way!

And just as the world got busy sprouting new life, true to form, all the vegetables in my crisper were starting to slowly die. Why is it that the bread never goes bad, but the veggies always do?

So I did what any normal person does when their vegetables start to die, I looked for a way to add sugar and butter to them so I could eat them before their time was up!

I liked the looks of this Carrot Cake Cupcake recipe because it called for fresh carrots, and fresh apple. And I had both of those!

I have a no nuts policy in my baked goods, so I skipped the nuts and I even skipped the raisins. But what can I say, I'm CRAZY.

After baking and tasting, I was pleased with the recipe and decided to recommend it to you!

The cupcakes aren't too sweet and they are very moist*.

*A note on the word moist. Lots of people hate this word. But in the context of baking I have yet to discover a more accurate descriptor. So let's all move on. MOIST MOIST MOIST!

The cream cheese frosting is PERFECT with these. I made mine nice and sweet to contrast the more savory cake. I also piped it on so as not to skimp. Yes, I know I'm a generous girl.

The recipe can be found here and the frosting is there as well.

Here's the final product.

So if you're feeling Springy, or you're looking for a way to eat those carrots you got on sale... this is a safe bet.




  1. I can forgive use of the dreaded word 'moist' because these look so good! My favorite way to eat carrots!

  2. oooh yum. i think i found your blog through yan and sewed your cute giraffe. thanks for the pattern! :)

  3. Karen- thanks for your forgiveness!

    Kristin- I'm so excited you made one! I hope it worked out for you!

  4. You pictures are so good. Way to go.

  5. Did you make your pregnancy announcements? I love it and was wondering where you got them or if you sell them? Thanks.